Monday, February 1, 2010

1 Year Adoption Blogiversary!

Hey everyone!

It just dawned on me today that it has already been a year since we began our adoption journey and made the first post on our adoption blog! Wow! So Happy Adoption Blogiversary to us!

So much has happened in that time frame already. We've had ups and downs, acceptances, approvals, road blocks, speed bumps, set backs, filled out mounds of paper work and had our lives evaluated by so many people. God has changed me...and the way I think about adoption and the orphan. In a good way of course. I have learned so much that I don't think that I am the same person that I was a year ago.

As of right now, we know nothing. We are still waiting for consulate approval and I have heard nothing from our agency. Please pray for us with this next approval so we can move toward a baby referral. I am so anxious to be in that place of anticipating a call about a baby!

Thanks so much.

As a way of celebrating our one year blogiversary....please leave a comment and give me a shout out! I would love to know if you are following us. Would also love to know whether or not you have already adopted, in the process or even thinking about it. Would love to connect more with all of you out there!!