Sunday, February 6, 2011

Glimpses from God?

In the last couple of weeks a few things have happened that have perhaps been little glimpses of God that our Bella will hopefully be here soon? First....I had my first dream of her. Jeff and I took one look at her and said....that's our girl! A sweet friend messaged me a couple of days ago where she also had a dream that we got her.

And then....just Friday night....I was packing a weekend bag for our oldest son and ran to get him a towel for his suitcase. I grabbed a towel out of "Bella's Bathroom" and walked downstairs to put his name on the tag. Just before I put the pen to the tag...I noticed the name, "BELLA". What? Wow! Looked again and just below the name was the coolest thing. "Made in India". I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. So exciting!

It may sound a bit silly....but what are the odds? Right? Those were some of mom's towels from her house in Texas that she gave me when she moved in with us. With out thinking I just placed them in Bella's bathroom. No one had any idea what precious words were written on that towel. Until now. Such a sweet moment.

Lastly, there are finally some changes happening in India right now in the adoption world. And hopefully they will have some very positive affects on our adoption...and we are praying this will cause things to happen much quicker than anticipated.

Glimpses? I sure hope so.

We are so ready.