Friday, March 9, 2012

Only GOD!

I wanted to give a little update and say first that we are STILL waiting on that passport for Bella to make our travel plans. But we expect it to be ready any day now and plan to hop on that plane REALLY soon. Possibly by the end of next week or weekend? Though we aren't 100% certain...we are hopeful. Stay TUNED. But something else very exciting has happened that I want to share.

There have been many things that have blown my mind along the way of this long journey of adoption to India for Bella. We have seen GOD move in ways we could just not even explain, and Him change us in ways we had not expected....and one of my favorites is the people that He has woven into our story! and it has made this journey SO BEAUTIFUL. Perhaps you've seen in my other blog posts some of these connections....but this one I have yet to mention. This particular person and plan that God has woven into our story..... is so exciting for me on so many levels... and I have been absolutely giddy about sharing this portion of our journey with you. BUT....I am going to let THIS person tell the story for you. You can read it here Amanda Lehman Blog for yourself. ONLY GOD can put these things together....and it's these things that cause us to love HIM even MORE!! More on this later. :-)

With JOY,

The LORD has done great things for us and we are filled with JOY!!! Psalm 126:3