Thursday, January 29, 2009

Join us on our journey

Friends and Family,

It is with great joy and excitement that I share the news with you that God has called Jeff and I to adopt. We have seen the need of orphans around the globe and have heard the heart of God over and over on this matter and know it is something He has called us to.

Knowing that there are millions of orphaned children that are waiting for a home both in the United States and around the world we believe the LORD has called us to adopt internationally. At this time we are looking into adopting a baby girl in India.

We have begun the adoption process by working with a local agency. At this point we have been assigned a social worker, begun filling out paper work and will be working on a home study very soon.

We would love for you to join us on this adoption journey. If you would like to receive updates on our journey please find the place on the side of this blog to subscribe and enter your email address.

I hope to have the full story of our calling up for you soon.


Kristi W. said...

Yay!!!!!!!!! This is GREAT news!!! I'm so glad that you are getting started and blogging for us along the way. :) It will be such a blessing to follow your journey. Thanks for putting me on your blog roll. I'll put you up on mine right now! I will lift you up in prayer for a speedy journey to your daughter.

Kristi W.

Lisa said...

How exciting!! We will be prayer for your family throughout the entire adoption process. I look forward to getting all of the updates and meeting your little girl one day.

Amy Kopp said...

wow...good for you!! God bless you in your endeavors!!

Amy Kopp said...

I have to add how fitting it is that you used the word "justice." I know you don't know me, but I just have to tell you... It seems when I read my Bible lately, that word just seems to be everywhere I read. And yes, by adopting, you and your husband are being used by God to bring justice to that child. The Lord has heard the heartaches of that child, and through the two of you, He has decided to change the fate of that child. His verdict has been spoken and the gavel has come down. THAT is justice for the oppressed.

Tisra said...

Congratulations on your journey!!!!! This is the beginning of your child's history in your family- stepping your first step toward her.

Dan Cruver said...

I'm looking forward to following your adoption journey.

Love the name of your blog, too!