Monday, July 6, 2009

Book Giveaway

Hey everyone!

I have been away from the blog-world far too long and have missed it! Just as a quick update: things are about the same as they were last time I updated the blog on our adoption process. However, we did meet our second financial goal on time! What a huge blessing! We are now working on the next financial goal which is a Big One. You can check out our new goal tracker on the right hand side of the blog(in blue).

OK, I want to do something fun. I want to have a book giveaway.
I have finally finished reading
Russell Moore's new book called,
"Adopted for Life" and it is wonderful! I think everyone should read it. YES...even if you are not adopting. So, I am giving away 2 copies of the book! If you want to know more about the book click here.

If you would like to have a copy of this book, please comment on this post with your name (
and your blog site if you have one). On Sunday the 12th I'll randomly select 2 names and post the winners Monday.

Sound good?

Please spread the word!


Erin McCoy said...

I would love a copy! :)

Erin McCoy

The Fenwick Family said...

Sounds like a great book to read,so I am entering this giveaway!:)
Gidget Fenwick
Waiting for Maiya at #2.

Anonymous said...

Me Too!-K

Kristi W. said...

Count me in for the giveaway!

Congrats on meeting your first two goals!!

:) Kristi W.

theheartofachild said...

I have been wanting to read this book, so I definitely want to enter:-)

DonLivingston said...

I'd love a good book to read, Amy

Anna Parker said...

Would love a copy to read!!!

Heather Sullins said...

I would love a copy to read. Sounds interesting. Always have thought about this. :)