Thursday, September 3, 2009


Wanted to update everyone. I have had to resort to posting only videos while we wait and wait and wait for some movement on our adoption process.

After the home study was ready, then it wasn't, then it was....then it went to the International agency for review, then back, then ready for DHR, then not, then ready, then not......Did that make sense? It didn't to me....but that is what has been happening on our end here. We have just been riding the waves as they come.

But, FINALLY our home study is officially at DHR. Currently we are being told that DHR approval is taking 6-8 weeks. This is WAY too long for a home study to get approval from DHR before it can go to Immigration. (USCIS) In fact, it just so happens that only Alabama (maybe a couple others) has this step of going to DHR for approval before USCIS. So to me this seems like unnecessary waiting.

But, it is a step we have to take to get closer to our baby. Please pray with us that some how DHR will process our home study quickly so it can move on for Immigration approval. Once we have that, we can send our Dossier to India!

For now, we are focusing on the task at hand. The LORD has given us lots of Kingdom work while we wait for baby girl to get here. So, we are staying VERY busy!

Blessings, on the look out for our coffee fundraiser coming soon!

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Tisra said...

I've certainly learned that EACH STEP must be celebrated. There are far too many steps to adopting from India, and we can get caught up in minimizing the little ones that we'd wish would just go away. But, it's part of the process. I can say, with our own 3 year journey, that the little steps sometimes showcase God's wonderful provision far more than the big ones. For instance, for us, if we had our homestudy ready and submitted to the agency one month sooner (back in 2007), we'd have a daughter from TAIWAN right now. That delay, snowballed into much more and here we are, mere weeks away from bringing our sweet Dorothy home from INDIA. We know, for certain, that there was purpose in this for us. It didn't seem like a big deal back then, but it means the world now. God will guide your papers, and He will bring your daughter home. Each step matters. Each step counts. In the end, it will be beautiful and the glory will all be the Lord's!