Monday, October 26, 2009

Just Love Coffee Fundraiser!

Hey everyone!

We have an exciting announcement. We have signed up with Just Loves Coffee to help us raise funds for our adoption!

For anyone that loves coffee or knows someone who does,we now have coffee that can be purchased from our store and a portion of the $$ goes to help us bring our baby home! Check out our store here! Wilbanks Coffee Store

Each bag is $12.95 and we will receive $5 per bag. So, if you love coffee and you would be interested in helping us bring our baby home….we would be so grateful for any purchase(s).

You can read more here about Just Love Coffee.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

When Your Parents Don’t Approve of Your Transracial Adoption

I have heard this over and over. Apparently this is a really big issue for some families. Hopefully this can be of some encouragement to those who are encountering this problem.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The LORD is up to crazy things!

Hello everyone!

After much silence on updates on our adoption process....I finally have one! But before I tell you I wanted to share what the LORD has been doing these last several weeks.

The LORD is up to crazy things! That's all I can say! When you say things to Him like, "here I am LORD...use me...send me" never know what's going to happen.

So, here is a glimpse of what He is doing.

#1 He is building us a house. A house that will suit the needs of all of us including my mom. I wish I could tell you all the details now....but I'll save it for another time. The house will have plenty of room for our expanding family. which brings me to point number 2.

#2. We are requesting 2 babies instead of 1. Now...we don't know that we will get 2 babies. It would have to be a sibling group...but the LORD has gotten us to the place where we have said "yes" at the possibility! Most likely we'd go back for a second one why not take two at one time?!!

Never in a million years would I have thought my life would turn out like this or look like this....but it is thrilling! More thrilling than I would have ever planned myself. My plan was too safe, too ordinary and boring....God's plan is much more exciting! update on adoption process....Our home study was finally approved by DHR and is currently at Immigration. We will send in our I-800A...go in for fingerprints and get that Dossier to INDIA!!!

Please, please pray for us. We have gone to battle with an enemy who hates what we are doing. We will encounter road blocks, set backs and struggles....and we will need your prayer support.

All for His Glory,

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Though I was born an orphan

A New Hymn Concerning Spiritual and Physical Adoption by Eric Schumacher

Though I was born an orphan,
Abandoned and alone,
Enslaved and bound in darkness,
Without a hope or home,
The God of grace and mercy
From his eternal throne
Ordained to be my Father,
To claim me as his own.

That I might be adopted
The Father sent his Son
To live in full obedience
And die for all I’ve done.
Now through his resurrection,
Through faith, with him I’m one.
A member of his household,
I am an heir, a son.

To soothe my fearful spirit
The Spirit from on high
Was sent to be a witness
That “Father!” I might cry.
O How I love this Father!
I’m never left alone.
For he comes to dwell with me
Until he calls me home.

If I have this adoption,
I cannot close my home
To widows and to orphans,
Abandoned and alone.
Lord, fill me with compassion
To love the fatherless,
That I might show the nations
How great my Father is!

Simply awesome! Thanks Eric!

You can read Eric's post about the new hymn here.