Saturday, January 8, 2011

Change of Plans

The following is from the "Together for Adoption" Website.

Saturday Fox Family Night Movie – Adoption
by Dan Cruver Published Jan 7, 2011

Jedd Medefind:

As discussed in a previous post, the made-for-TV movie “Change of Plans” airs this Saturday night (8 PM, 7 Central). Following the movie, there will be a LIVE 45 minute webcast on adoption and foster care. Viewers will be able to submit questions to a panel of experts, including former Alliance Board member Paul Pennington, director of Hope for Orphans.

Also of note, a thoughtful Change of Plans Discussion Guide has been prepared for the movie as well. If you’ve got a group coming over to watch the show or just wanted to stimulate a good conversation among your family, the guide could be a helpful launch point.

You’ll be able to watch the webcast at

For more information on the show, check here.

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