Monday, October 10, 2011



We have waited for for 4 months to even get word that India has received our paper work and today that was confirmed! I believe this is evidence of answered prayers! So, the good news is, they have received our paper work and have reviewed it! But there is also bad news. They are requesting 3 additional documents. I can put those together fairly quickly, run them down to Montgomery to have them apostilled and mail them off for India by Wednesday. But these are more delays that can affect us by weeks!

Although India wants hard copies of these documents.....a copy of them can also be received via email in the mean time. (hoping that is a benefit to us!) So, at this point when India receives our additional paper this could go a couple of different ways. We could go back to the bottom of the 550 cases, or be at the top waiting to be approved.....or some other weirdness in between those two options. But, I'm so encouraged that there is some movement here! At the same time, the enemy is still hard at work on our family and has still not let up on me in regards to my health. So, I'm asking you....for those of you that have entered into the battle with us, to keep fighting for us in prayer! Keep asking God for the things that seem impossible and the miracles we need to get this baby girl home!

Lastly, another blogger friend sent this post to me as a way of encouragement tonight and I can't tell you just how much of an encouragement it was. (thank YOU Meredith!!) It documents my EXACT THOUGHTS and FEELINGS on this adoption and the battle that we are in and our desire to fight for our child to come home. Please consider reading this. It is SO SO good!

Till she comes home,


No Greater Love said...

Oh, what a relief to have an update. I think it is very good news. :) And I will pray that it doesn't hold you back, but jumps you forward!

Glad you were encouraged. :)

Fenwick 5 said...

Great for update...getting ready for prayer and...remember all good gifts are from above..God will bring your gift home and you will get better in Jesus name,he knows our need before we ask, He knows your need for health and Bellas need to come home.Gidget:)Hang in there:)

Janet said...

Ran across your blog today and had to comment. We are adopting from Ethiopia and have been experiencing spiritual attack as well. We've been waiting for a referral for almost 14 months, and it seems the longer we wait, the more satan tries to knock us off track. We didn't initially recognize it as spiritual warfare, but now see that we're being fed lies and taking hits from the enemy in several areas of life. All that said, I guess I just wanted to say that I get it, and we're there with you! Just prayed for your family, and for Bella. : )

Recovering Noah said...

Hi Brittnie! I came across your blog because I was googling "Just Love Coffee" fundraising and it pulled up your blog. We're adopting from India, too! (And I'm friends with Meredith... what a small world!). We're also stuck in the 550 backlog. We were just asked for 3 pieces of paper, too. Hope to hear something soon. Any news on your front?

Leslie =)