Saturday, March 19, 2011

We Have A Daughter!!

We have a daughter!

The time has finally come! It has been 2 LONG years and I am so thrilled that the LORD has finally revealed the daughter that He has chosen for us. In my last blog called, “Glimpses from God?” I shared with you some instances that would indicate perhaps that God was about to make His move and bring forth that referral. Well, believe it or not…we received that referral the very next morning! The phone call came completely unexpected. I had no idea the LORD would act that quickly!

Our agency sent the referral via email that very next day and we said “yes” to her verbally, but it actually took over a month to get those papers to our house from India so that we could put pen to paper to make it official! We got those papers this past Tuesday and couldn’t wait to get our signatures on them!

And now we are getting a tad bit silly. But it's such a fun occasion!

We excitedly wrote our names in those blanks that asked if we would take her as our daughter and sent them back to India that very same day! Praise the LORD! So, this is why I am just now sharing the news via the blog world! If all goes well with the necessary approvals in India we are on a fast track to bring our daughter home in possibly 3-5 months. We shall see.

I am very limited on what I can say about her and the circumstances right now but I can tell you that she is 7 years old and PRECIOUS! When we started this journey 2 years ago we had an infant on the brain and over the last several months the LORD has done a number on our hearts over the older children. (still plan to blog about this topic soon) And even though we initially said we would prefer a child 6 years old and under, who in the world could say no to this face?
Please meet our sweet Bella.

So many more details to come in the days ahead of God’s hand in this whole process. Only Him. He is so worthy of all our praise.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Children of God

Love this new video by Third Day!