Thursday, May 10, 2012

India- Journal 3


Landing in India-

So full of excitement we stepped off of air and stepped foot on ground and made our way to pick up our things. There's no doubt we are in India. We stand out and receive stare after stare. We begin to pick up luggage and cheer when first piece comes around the belt. Then we wait and wait and wait. Belt stops and no more luggage. MY LUGGAGE (and Bella's luggage) missing! WELCOME TO have no clothes. :-) Really,  as disappointing as this was, God gave me peace again and nothing was stopping me from losing my joy over the path I was on to see our girl!

We file the report on the lost luggage.... breeze through customs and wonder if our taxi we had requested the day before was even there due to our 2 hour flight delay and then the baggage issues....and there as we make our way outside stands a man with a sign "Brittnie Wilbanks" Krishna Hotel. PTL!! We couldn't believe it. He waited for us all.  that.  time. Our kind driver loads our lacking luggage and we hop in the taxi to make our way to the hotel for a quick shower and a couple of hours of sleep so we could head BACK to the airport for our next flight in just a few short hours.

Our first real experience of India (besides the luggage loss) was the driving. I'm sure most of you have heard if you haven't already experience something like this first hand....the driving system is pure chaos. There were lines in the roads and lights above but I'm not sure why? Cars, people, animals, beggars going in every direction and our driver whips in and out cutting people off and running street lights with ease through this madness and "close calls" and yet there is still peace.

Then it happened. The woman holding her half limp newborn baby and a half empty bottle of milk and she's gently tapping on the window begging us for money to save her baby. (So you wonder anyway.) You hear about this kind of thing... but nothing prepares you for it. A country of so much need and we are there to help...but there is only so very little we can do. My heart breaks. A starving baby laying limp in it's mother's arms? or a pimp forcing a woman to beg for moeny with a baby? This shouldn't be!  I want to be used more!

Our driver finally brings us out of chaos and down a dirty alley to our hotel and we are relieved to finally have a place to "rest". This is the one place we are uncertain of. It's the place that we played with a bit of "risk" at not knowing exactly where this hotel was or how safe it was....but it was REALLY cheap and it had 2 king beds for us all to stay together (me, Jeff, Jonah and Amanda) and we only needed it a few we took a chance. And to our was nice, clean and everyone was very friendly and our driver (Khem Lal) agrees to come back for us in a few hours and take us back to the hotel.

Psalm 126:3 The LORD has done great things for us and we are filled with JOY!

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manyheartsonefamily said...

I agree, nothing really prepares you for the sights that you take in. Nothing.