Saturday, May 4, 2013

One Year "HOME"

It's hard to believe that a year ago today, May 5th 2012 we brought Bella home. 
In order to celebrate, I thought that I'd put together a year in pictures of some of the things that Bella got to experience since her arrival to her new home.

A huge group of family and friends to welcome Bella Home at the airport. 

A brother waiting to calm her.

and take care of her.

Walking up to her new house
and into her new room

Her Welcome Home Party (that we called "Bella Day") with all her new friends


Her first time at Summer Quest (aka...VBS)

Riding her new bike

Her first zip line experience

Her first horse back ride

A little 4-wheeling

Learning how to swim

Loving the water!

loving her bubble baths

A little ice skating

Watermelon with the sweetest of friends

Meeting more family
and lots of cousins

doing some shopping

and a little modeling. :-)

first time at the beach!!
wave lovin and some fireworks for the 4th of July.
Getting her teeth pulled


Fun with neighborhood friends.

New set of braces

Fun at the zoo

First day of school!!

A little tree climbing(and falling out and getting a nice cut on the face)

reaching new lengths in our hair!

Surgery to fix all our ear troubles

Singing in the church choir

Disney on ICE!

a little pipe blowing (breathing treatments)

Official Adoption day with the Judge!

Holiday fun 

learning to bake!

Singing at Christmas Choir Concert

Christmas family pic

Christmas morning!!!

Loving her gymnastics 

movies with friends
 Special Aunt Robin hugs (they are the best!)

New Years Breakfast with friends!


Fun in the snow after school

 The Princess and her first birthday party

Beautiful birthday princess

 more birthday fun

Sweet moment with brothers


 some skating

 and a little braiding
singing at school musical

Valentines Day!

Dwarf House in Georgia

meeting famous people

Lamborghini ridin.

Enjoying Georgia with friends

Bella's first SUPERCROSS at the Georgia Dome!!!

First girls tea party

 making forts and pallets in the floor

playing with Dinosaurs

dress up party! who?

 was in a very special wedding

School field trip

School picture for 2013

that's quite the first year and she has had a ball!

But the best part about it all is that she's....
 orphaned no more! 
But instead she is .....
Forever HOME!!!

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J.J. said...

She is adorable!!! :) Thank you for sharing. It looks like a great year home. :) Here's to many more.

(How doe she like her new name? She looks like a Bella to me.:)