Monday, March 2, 2009


Hello All!

So many of you continue to subscribe to our blog. That is so exciting! Thank you very much for joining us on this journey.

I just wanted to ask everyone for prayers today. I am sure you will see a post from us on requested prayer often during this adoption road. I have been working on sorting a lot of things out most of the morning and it is hard not to be discouraged with waiting times and adoption fees.

Would you please pray for the following two things?

#1 our upcoming selection of International Adoption Agency. We are still praying through which one to go with. However, I am leaning heavily toward one in particular but still not 100% sure.

#2 money. Just to begin we'll need about $6,000.
It looks like our India adoption is going to be roughly $30K.

I am confident the LORD will provide all that we need in His timing....however, we would love everyone to be praying with us on this!

Thank you,

1 comment: said...

Yeah!!! I'm soooo excited to follow your journey!! My blog has been very theraputic throughout our journey! Praying for your decision regarding agencies...I remember that being one of our most difficult decisions. God will make it clear!
Do you mind if I link you to our blog?
Fighting the good fight!