Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My piles of research papers on Intl. Adoption Agencies.

We are actually down to two agencies to decide from now.
And one of the agencies has a temporary hold on their India program.
Hmmm.....which one will it be LORD?


theheartofachild said...

I heard that America World has a new India program. I am sure you know that, however!

ColleenC said...

Hi- I came to you via KristiW's blog! I just wanted to say I totally feel for you- those agency and country decisions are so incredibly hard! I know ours is the one that is currently closed, but I LOVE them!!!!
In the end though logic goes pretty much out the window, you gotta go with your gut!

- Colleen

Stephanie said...

Hi! I am part of the HSBC Adop. Ministry.. I do not believe we have met yet. We were not there last week.
We have been in the process for over two years to bring our son home from Guatemala. It has been a hard journey, but full of blessings, lessons, and so much more!
Praying for you as you enter this season of life.... enjoy every moment of the journey, good and bad.