Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Hey everyone!

Just a little update here. I had my second Home Study Interview today! It went so great. I really love our social worker. She is fantastic. Very helpful and thorough and is really easy to talk with . She has made this home study thing a really easy thing for us. I am so thankful for that. Jeff gets to meet with her next week and then she'll come into our home shortly after and do the final interview with us and the boys.

On another note, things seem to be coming together very quickly! All of our documents continue to come in ahead of schedule. I received my passport today! Yea! Jeff's should be here in a day or so. Also, we hope to have a rough draft of the home study in a week or so and will then send it on to our International agency for review. All of our Dossier documents are coming together and we hope to have everything on its way to India in a month or so. I can't not tell you how exciting I am!

I know the really hard part is just ahead of us...the waiting for our baby referral. But, just knowing that we are really making good progress is encouraging for me right now. I can not tell you how the LORD has had His hand of protection over our family in preparation for this adoption. Protected upbringings, protected marriage...even the number and gender of our children are all working together exactly for the India Adoption requirements. Thrilling.

That is about for now.
Thanks for sharing the journey with us and thank you so much for your continued prayer support. We are so grateful.


Gidg and Shane said...

Glad that things are moving for you:) Looking forward to you getting on the list:)! Blessings,Gidget

Amanda Lehman said...

I'm so encouraged to hear that you are sticking in there even though the Indian adoption process is SO difficult! The difference your family will make in that one child's life though will be so worth it. Thanks for sharing your journey. I will be checking back here again!

pete wilson said...

So excited for you guys. I'll be keeping you in my prayers!