Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bella's Big Girl Tea

My dear friend Polly offered to put together a very special day of showering for Bella. We obviously didn't need a baby shower....but we certainly needed some girly PINK in the house! So Polly along with some other of my sweetest friends put together "A Big Girl Tea" to celebrate Bella's coming home and to shower her with gifts. I thought that I would share some snippets of the day.

Here is the precious invitation that went out.

The DELICIOUS food that was provided.
Some beautiful pink embellishments

This tree was so special. It had pictures of Bella all over it along with some very precious scripture about orphans.
The opening of gifts

The pink girly things that Bella received!

I LOVE this gift. Bella is going to need to learn how to ride a bike so she can keep up with her big brothers!

The ladies that made it all happen.

What a beautiful day to celebrate our precious girl....and one I can't wait to share with her when she finally makes it HOME.

Praying Bella home SOON,


Jane/Mom/Mimi said...

Brittnie, I loved seeing the pictures! Thanks for sharing. You have such special, sweet, and caring friends to do this for you and Bella. How exciting that she'll have her own bicycle. Maybe she'll take after her Mimi and enjoy riding it as much as I enjoy mine. :)
Thank you precious ladies for doing this!

Fenwick Family of 5 said...

How pretty,and what a neat idea!! I just adore tea parties and especially one for this occasion!! Great pictures and she is so blessed and loved, and she's not even home yet! How exciting. Gidget

Tisra said...

How wonderful!

Just checking in on you and seeing how progress to your daughter is going!

Keep your spirits up; the wait is hard and full of aches, but God is gracious to make it all come together for His good, at just the right time!

Picture updates and *video* (we never had that!) are such a treat. Bittersweet, at times, but also a blessing.