Friday, July 1, 2011

A Chance To Win!!!

These "Out of the Box Framed Hymn Cross" art pieces are now selling for $40. If you enter for the contest to WIN one of these, We'll give you a $10 discount on buying one! TODAY (7.15.11) is the LAST CHANCE to enter!

This is so exciting! Here is another offer to win fun stuff!
Would you like to win a beautiful framed hymn cross like this?

A very talented friend of mine who has her own business called "Out of the Box" is offering a piece similar to the winner. For a chance to win....this is what you do:

Go to the top right side of this blog and find the donate button named "Out of the Box Framed Hymn Cross" and follow the instructions to make your $10 donation.

For every $10 you donate you will be entered into the raffle. So, if you enter $20 you will be entered twice or $30 for three entries etc.

Deadline is July 15th! We'll announce the winner by July 18. :)

Sound Fun?

Let's bring this baby home!

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