Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why India?

About 10 years or more ago and without any rhyme or reason I fell in love with the people and place of India. I can’t explain exactly how it actually happened. It wasn’t over night but with in a short amount of time some how God birthed a love in my heart for India and it’s people.

As this love began to grow it just so happened that the church we were members of at the time had partnered with some mission teams in Karnataka, India. The staff and members of our church began to meet and learn about the people of Karnataka and the work that was to be done there and my love for India began to take shape. At the time I had little ones at home and did not feel led to actually travel at this point but stayed totally enthralled and connected through the work that was taking place.

Around the same time I had found an amazing ministry led by KP Yohannan, called GFA (Gospel for Asia). As I read what KP had to say about the people of his homeland and the statistics of India I began to get more of a glimpse of the vast lostness and darkness of this nation and how desperately they needed to hear about our Savior! In those moments, my heart was pierced and my love deepened.

When we moved to Alabama 5 years ago, Jeff connected with an old buddy from where he grew up and to our surprise, he was a missionary that traveled world wide and had been to India several times. Anxious and hopeful God would define my passion for India we had him over for a weekend visit. Our friend’s gifting and purpose for his mission trips was videography. So he brought to us not only stories and experiences of God’s work in India. He brought to us faces. Faces of the people who were so desperately seeking the ONE who created them in His image. Faces, so beautiful yet so empty and full of hopelessness.

This changed the whole thing for me. After our friend left, I watched the videos all over again and then wept for hours. I wept for the nation, I wept for the people… for the children….the many children on the streets, naked and rummaging though trash and living in slums. I wept over the look of brokenness and hopelessness. I just wept. I hadn’t’ known a hurt in my heart like that before. God’s heart. This is how He felt too.

So, how do I get there? And when? I tried to get to India by taking our missionary friends suggestion and jumping in with a group who were going back to India soon. I tried seeking out a couple of other opportunities to make a trip. But, no. God said not now. So I pushed the hold button. During that same time of heart ache I began to have dreams. Dreams about the people of India and the huge harvest out there and the workers who were so very few. All I could do was pray and ask God to show me why He had put this love in my heart and what He would have me do.

And then….exactly 2 years later….the LORD sent me a HUGE message. He flat out called us to “Bring Justice” to the orphan and oppressed and He showed us what do to. “Adopt”. "Adoption", such a simple word, but an enormous world. Where would we begin? From where would we adopt? We began to think and pray. So much would we know? Where has God shown us the most need lately? God whispered, India. Yes....this is it!

After all these years….my hearts passion finally made sense. After years of a growing love for a people and a country….it was all coming together. We have a daughter in India. No, not a daughter. OUR daughter! God put a love in my heart for India because our daughter was there. This was ordained for us before the foundation of the world and He was revealing it to us now. Who can fathom this?

I don’t believe the story ends here. In fact, I know it doesn’t. So many other things we hope will come out of this for the people of India. Some things that are happening even now that will leave our hearts in India for quite some time….and some things that will come later. I can’t wait to share it with you all soon.

What has God put in your heart? Be patient and wait for it. He has great plans in store for you. All for your good and His great Name and Glory.

For the Fatherless,

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Anonymous said...

I love how the Lord Works!!!

No Greater Love said...

It is beautiful when the Lord gives us His heart....and you said yes to receiving it, even though at times it is painful. That is love!

Sarah said...

My heart has been in India for the past couple of years, as well. My daughter, Lily, and I went to India last September and now we are adopting a little 10-year-old girl from India!

Blessings to you,

alisa said...

Love hear you heart! And GFA is a powerful ministry -- has touched my heart as well!

Tisra said...

You know I get it!

We walked the path God had for us, and He showed us His heart, His grief, His love.

Dorothy was just a piece of that, and I feel your Bella will just be a piece of that, too.

Wanna move to India with us?! ;-)