Monday, November 16, 2009

Family Man: The Michael Oher Story/ The Blind Side

A lot of you have probably heard of the new movie coming out this Friday to theaters called "The Blind Side". Here is an article from World Magazine about the story.

All-American Michael Oher went from the streets as a 15-year-old son of a crack addict to potential NFL Rookie of the Year on the love and dedication of an adoptive family that wouldn’t let him fail. The movie that tells their story hits theaters in time for National Adoption Day—and recognition that about 130,000 Michael Ohers are waiting for a family to adopt them | Amy Henry

MEMPHIS—Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy adopted as a family motto, "To whom much is given, much is required," they had no idea just how much would be required, nor that they were adopting far more than words.........

Read the entire story here.

Also, found a great website where Steven Curtis Chapman talks about the movie and also offers some of the film clips and notes to go along with it. You'll want to check it out here. The Blind Side.

I am so very excited to see what God is doing to bring awareness to those who have no home or family. May our eyes be opened to this huge need in our own country and across the world and that we will rise up and do something about it!

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