Friday, November 20, 2009

We Did It!

Mom, Jeff and I made it over to the USCIS office this morning for our electronic fingerprints. Let me just say what a neat experience this was. Since we have never been to an immigration office before, I really didn't know what to expect. We were the only people from the US there. The rest were from every other country. Met some really interesting people. I got to chat with one young man who was Czech and was applying for a visa to be an official US Citizen. He left his home and family behind and came over in 1995 to pursue a photography career and has now decided to stay officially. I was completely intrigued by his story. Would have loved to sit down with everyone in that office to find out their story as well. It's amazing how the nations can all be together in one room in Alabama. That would be a place I could totally dig working at.

Ok...I'm rambling.....sorry.

Thank you to everyone for praying. We did not have any problems this morning with fingerprints. We did it! Everything turned out great! We were told it takes 24 hours to get the hopefully by Monday things will be moving along with getting our approvals. So exciting! I am loving this journey we are on. I have learned so much and have been down paths I would have never taken had we not answered this call God gave us. Thrilling ride!

One last thing I have to share. The guy that took my fingerprints today reminded me of a very amazing truth. While he was pressing my fingers onto the scanner....I glanced over and noticed a chart with the 9 different types of fingerprints that people have. You can see them here I questioned him about it and asked him if he would tell me which type I had. He shared with me that I had a very common print. So, my response was, "rats...I was hoping I had something extraordinary". And his answer was, "you one else in the world has your exact prints".

Oh yes.....I knew that! (how dumb of me not to think of that) But what I was reminded of today in that little office with the nations....was how awesome my God is. That He has created billions in His image and yet every single one of us has been created absolutely unique . Mind blowing. Thank you guy in the Immigration office for reminding me of that!

Now...there is a set ( or sets ) of unique fingerprints out there that God is leading us to in I better get busy with the next step.

Have a fabulous weekend.


Four..and ONE from India said...

How exciting,we enjoyed that day also. Well until the lady told me that she didn't know if my pinky print would be good enough and that I might have to come back. I thought to myself,well my pinky is my pinky and it is not changing,HAHA.She had me stressed to the max!
So glad that your experience was a pleasant one! Can't wait till you post a picture!!:) Wow the key word here is holyars,how neat. Gidget

Peter and Nancy said...

I loved sitting in the waiting room, too -- and I was SO curious about all the people around me! It is so humbling and astonishing to think that God made each of us, and cares for each one. Wow.

What agency are you with? Where are you in your wait?
(Mom to bio sons Aaron & Nathan, home with Anya Rashi for almost 2 years, and on the waiting list for baby #4)

Brittnie said...

Hi Nancy!!

We are working with America World. We are #1 on the list.

So excited to hear ya'll are going back for baby #4. We hope to bring more than one home from India as well!


alisa said...

Your almost officially "paper preggie"!!! Yay!! Time to get that dossier in the "oven"!!

Brittnie said...


I like the sound of that!