Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Painting Success!

The last two weekends we've been painting up a storm over here! Why? A friend of mine approached me months ago about having a painting fundraiser to help us raise some money for our adoption. Not being the artsy type AT ALL, I agreed not knowing if anyone would be interested in that kind of thing in the slightest and honestly put it off awhile.

Since we received our referral in February I knew I better get a move on SOMETHING to help us get the funds we need to bring this darling home. So, off we went to planning some painting sessions (kind of like Sips n Strokes but minus the sips) :-) We called it "Brush Strokes for Bella" The minute I sent out the email invitations I was floored at the interest and excitement! We had people that wanted to bring their friends, their Sunday School members and even their children for mommy/son/daughter dates!

And I am so happy to say that these couple of classes raised a little over $1,500! We were so overwhelmed! The LORD really surprised us with this one! And I have to say that I never knew I'd love this kind of painting so much. I think the other ladies would agree with me as well. It was truly a blast and a blessing all at the same time. I can't wait to show our Bella the precious pictures of all the ladies that painted to help bring her home.

I want to share a couple of pictures with you so you can see how fun it was.

Our first session we painted crosses.
This was mine that I painted for Bella's room!

2nd session receiving their instructions for our floral painting!

The master artist showing us how it's done!

Finished products! Simply beautiful!

If you'll take a look over on the right hand side of this blog you'll see the remaining funds needed to travel to pick up our little girl on our financial tracker! $15,000 is A LOT of money.....but already with only a couple of painting classes we knocked a bit of a chunk out it. We trust the LORD will provide the remaining funds in time.....since He is the one that called us to this journey.

If you are interested in helping us bring in the remaining funds to get our daughter are some of the ways you can do that.

1. If you love coffee....we have a coffee store. Click here for store. $5 per bag goes toward our adoption.

2. A friend of mine is offering a Spanish Class one afternoon or evening and the cost of the class will go directly to our adoption. Date and time forthcoming. Let me know if you are interested.

3. My friend Heather is donating 40% of all the money she makes this month (the entire month of April) on her Mary Kay website to our adoption. Shipping is entirely free! Click here for her site. So, if you interested in any MK products of any kind at all....go check out her link. Feel free to pass this link on to others. (***Also, Mother's Day is fast approaching...might be a good gift idea?)

4. Of can donate money via check or (credit card through our PayPal link) on this blog. Simply click the donate button on the right hand side of the page.

Lastly....we truly need your prayers. That is what it is going to take to get this sweet one home.


Andrea said...

I'm SO honored and happy that I have been able to help care for at least this one child who needs a new family! With the Wilbanks, she is sure to have a family that will love her the way our Father God loves us!

Our Family of 5 said...

The paintings are so beautiful! I would have bought one for sure!! It looks so fun, I wanna do some art work! I wish I knew a place where I could go get some lessons.:) Hoping your daughter is home by Christmas or sooner!!:) Gidget

Karen said...

Loved it! Such a great way to have fun and help support you too! Andrea you are simply amazing! Brittnie thanks for including me. It was a blessing!